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My Fitness Pal

I have definitely fallen off the wagon.  In fact my weight is higher than it was when I started this…ho hum.

Any way – I’m starting again – it’s that or buy a new set of clothes – with elasticized waistbands.

About a week ago I signed on with and then did nothing after the first day.  Yesterday they sent me a naggy email and here I am trying again – so maybe having them on my back will help!

Watch this space.  I am also resolved to go to the gym this week.


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Why Americans are Fat

I took the girls to Lake Lanier Islands yesterday.  They love it there, lots of water slides, a wave pool, a beach and the lake to swim in.  There are also many places to eat.  The Island Grill offers hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken etc. the normal junk food.  At the bottom of the menu it has this to say.  All meals come with complimentary fries.  Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and pickle cost an extra 50c.  That right there is why Americans are fat.   It costs money to eat healthily…that and the funnel cake…

oh yeah!

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Somebody Slap my Wrists…

What I ask you, is the point of having a blog to record great healthy recipes and activities if I don’t write them down, don’t link them under the recipe page and gobble them down before I photograph them? Sheesh..I will tidy this stupid blog up this week I swear – even I can’t find what I’m looking for and it’s my blog. 

I took the kids for a walk on Sunday, 


 just a one mile loop around the local path ending with feeding the geese 

It's a camera not bread


and playing on the swings.  Only one mile but that is more than I have done since before school got out.  I figure pushing Imogen on the swing counts as a little upper body work too. 

Our next door neighbor’s daughter came with us too. 

I love the way my girl’s are dressed – the oldest two, Niamhy and M. are wearing fairly standard pre-teen clothes – jeans skirt and a t-shirt, Jojo was very sporty, but for Imogen nothing would do for a short hike than a sequined red dress – as I’ve always said, a few sequins can turn your whole day around…. 

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