What I see in my head/What the rest of the world sees…

While I was in Dorset I discovered a wonderful artist.  Her name is Elaine Delmaine.  Elaine used to be a skilled fabric artist, but sadly she had a stroke and was unable to hold a needle anymore.  She sat down a lot and used a pen to strengthen her hand.  The thing about sitting down a lot is that you see a lot of people walking away from you.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Elaine now does the most wonderful paintings of people – from the back. 

Scarily she seems to have sketched me both as I am on the outside, and what I see inside my head. 

Here is what I  look like from the back … 

"Mavis Rose was so pleased her dress still fitted"


…and here is what I want to look like, well a girl can dream and I have the earrings already! 

"Jasmine Louise just knew she shouldn't have worn new shoes"


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