Passing whales are mistaking me for one of their own…

ARRGGGHHH!!!!  Can you hear me yelling?   I am steadily putting on weight, and I can’t even blame the vacation I just came back from.  We are going to a party tonight, it is a party that is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and we are all supposed to wear pink.  Pink is NOT my color, but I have a cute dress that I wore in the UK for my mother’s birthday.  I tried to squeeze into it and not even Spanx could help… 

definitely qualifies as pink


Dejectedly I told my girls that Mommy was fat and I had to go to the store to buy a pink kaftan, normally they would all cry out and tell me that I wasn’t fat, just a lovely, perfect mommy.  This time they volunteered to come with me to help me buy a fat outfit .  ARRGGGHHH!!! 

Here is what we found.  Not too bad for a fat top…now I just need an industrial strength invisible bra to go with it. 

needed the wide angled lens to get it all in...


I lost ½ lb. this week, going in the right direction at last, but it’s going to be 17lbs. before I even get back to where I started. Crap. The road is long and I keep wandering off it, but I guess I am at least enjoying myself on my diversions.


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