Somebody Slap my Wrists…

What I ask you, is the point of having a blog to record great healthy recipes and activities if I don’t write them down, don’t link them under the recipe page and gobble them down before I photograph them? Sheesh..I will tidy this stupid blog up this week I swear – even I can’t find what I’m looking for and it’s my blog. 

I took the kids for a walk on Sunday, 


 just a one mile loop around the local path ending with feeding the geese 

It's a camera not bread


and playing on the swings.  Only one mile but that is more than I have done since before school got out.  I figure pushing Imogen on the swing counts as a little upper body work too. 

Our next door neighbor’s daughter came with us too. 

I love the way my girl’s are dressed – the oldest two, Niamhy and M. are wearing fairly standard pre-teen clothes – jeans skirt and a t-shirt, Jojo was very sporty, but for Imogen nothing would do for a short hike than a sequined red dress – as I’ve always said, a few sequins can turn your whole day around…. 


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