Muffins Mmmm

Gosh I can’t believe I have abandoned this post and my efforts so easily!  I have had a heck of a busy few weeks with all the end of school year activities and all my efforts have gone to waste – sort of.  My weight is up to 169, but that is only 2 lbs. and I am very aware of the health of the food that is going into my mouth if not the quantity!

Today I made Diane’s breakfast muffins – and again I moved too slowly to photograph them!  I find it humbling to see how quickly my girls gobble up good healthy food.  They loved these despite the oats which I thought would put them off…

Try them – they are really good and allegedly can be frozen, but not in my house – they don’t last that long.

Must clean the damn pan next time...


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One response to “Muffins Mmmm

  1. I’m glad you tried and liked these. I can’t freeze them either because they are gone before the day is over!

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