Really Crappy Day

I have eaten like a pig today, mainly as I am still freaked by an incident yesterday afternoon that could have been so nasty.  It wasn’t, but I spent the evening crying and the night thinking of the endless possibilities that didn’t happen. This morning I was tired and headachy and in no mood to try to help myself.

On the bright side I have found a wonderful blog written by a great lady who, it turns out, is a neighbor!  Well she is from Tennessee and I’m in Georgia – close enough…

Diane has a threefold approach to losing weight which is rock solid – exercise, portion control and making sure fat calories are under 30% of the total calories.  She also had some fab. recipes to offer and we have already tried two of them.

Vegetarian lasagna and Chicken Pot Pie.  They were both very good, I was a little worried about the topping on the pot pie as it seemed too runny, and I wasn’t sure if the eggs should poke through the way they did, but the result tasted great…

weird looking, but tasty Chicken Pot Pie

Veggie Lasagne - we keep eating these dishes before I can take a decent photo!


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