When I Say Disaster I Mean it

172.5  this is a GAIN of 3 lbs.  which honestly seems impossible to me…it was only one bad day…I also slipped on a piece of plastic the kids left on the floor last night and had to take an anti-inflammatory meds. because I jarred my back.  To make things even worse we are in the mother of all thunderstorms that started in the night and two out of three kids found their way into our bed – one went to sleep, the other clung to me like a frightened limpet cutting off circulation to my brain…couple that with a late night made later by a husband who was fussing with his pillows when he came to bed and I am one grumpy sleep deprived fat mama this morning!

So choices , choices – do I a) say fuck it and eat because trying really hard doesn’t work or b) put out all the stops and start journaling exactly what I eat and the calorie content – exactly how much exercise and the calories burned?  a) is a guarantee for failure, but b) is not a guarantee of success.

Bloody Hell – I’ll get out the food diary that Chandalyn gave me 2 years ago and dust it off…she’s getting a wee bit frustrated at me – probably because she gave me the diary 2 years ago…you can take a fat person to water Chandalyn, but you can’t make them diet….give me coffee (black,nosugar).


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One response to “When I Say Disaster I Mean it

  1. Chandalyn Pulmano

    I am not the least bit frustrated with you! You can do this and you will succeed. Baby steps…….just don’t stop walking!

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