Disaster Has Struck…

…and her name is Imogen!   I can’t really blame Imogen for her birth, I guess she didn’t have all that much choice in the matter….    

can you guess what she got?


She was seven yesterday…as I previously mentioned when Andy had his birthday last month – birthday breakfasts are always bacon and eggs.  This year, thanks to Andy’s new Panini maker, breakfast was a bacon and egg Panini!!  I did manage to avoid this and eat granola.    

However the birthday girl chose Panda Express for lunch….have you tried to make healthy choices there?!  Not gonna happen….    

Then she chose the biggest chocolate cake in the store which we had in the afternoon – I had a tiny taste, I’m saved by the fact I hate commercial cake and commercial frosting.  Gag.    


We went to the movies in the afternoon and saw Furry Vengence – quite a cute movie, but what happened to Brendan Fraser?!     

Whoa there, Big Boy



I think he needs to join me at boot camp…This is how I prefer to think of him…    

be still my beating heart...


After the movies guess where we went?!  Imogen chose Hibachi for her evening meal!!  So we hit Ichiban, great fun, guaranteed a pound packing on time!  I went for veggies and steamed rice, but it is still a disaster meal….    

Tomorrow is weigh in time again – I was hoping for a one to two pound weight loss-now I’m hoping for status quo!  Grrrrr…   


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