I’ve been blog hopping again and found this article from Medicinal Marzipan.   What an awesome attitude for all of us to aspire to…

  Want to stop comparing yourself to others? It can be difficult, but you should try some of these tips:

  1. Repeat after me: I am an amazing, unique, beautiful, and intelligent person. I have a special perspective to bring to the table, because I am a result of my lived experiences, and thus, no other person on earth can offer exactly what I can. I am lovable, and am as successful as I allow myself to be. I am worth listening to. And then repeat it again and again until the message really sinks in.
  2. Accept your body as it is. Develop a natural and loving relationship with it, no matter where on the weight or fitness spectrum you fall. Cultivate this relationship at all costs, including: eating with intent, making choices based upon what is good for you – mind, body, soul – and not what your emotions tell you that you want, MOVING your body regularly and out of love not fear of gaining weight.
  3. Open dialogue with others that you find successful. Be friendly, open minded, and complementary. Add something useful to the conversation, jump in head first – when you approach a situation from a happy, self-loving, and genuinely interested place, people are unlikely to treat you unkindly. Be supportive of, not jealous, of your friends’ success, and I guarantee that success will come your way.
  4. Think abundantly. Manifest yourself up some goodness by thinking positively and accepting challenges as opportunities for growth. You never know where a door will open, stay alert and look out for them.
  5. Treat your body and mind with respect and kindness. Do you find yourself too exhausted to go out to that party, but forcing yourself to go because you’re afraid of missing out? Take a hot shower, relax in your pajamas, do something nice for yourself – there is always another party to go to. You will reap more rewards for being honest with yourself, than from forcing yourself into a situation where you will feel unhappy or forced.

Check out this post too – it’s pretty amazing!    A Deliberate Life – Where are you going? 



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2 responses to “Wow!

  1. Chandalyn Pulmano

    I seem to have heard most of this before…..I wonder where that was……oh yes, it was ME !!!

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