Weight Loss Rewards

Today is weigh in week two and the scales have not budged in either direction – 169.5lbs.  Next week I know the scales will show a weight loss, I’m aiming for 1 or even 2 lbs.

If you have been reading this blog, you will remember some of my earlier recipes came from my friend S. and if you look at the type of recipes  you would be right in guessing she is Indian, but what you don’t know is that S. is a Bollywood Beauty!  Oh yes my friends, she can dance to Discowale Khisko with the best of them!  On Friday, she set Chandalyn a challenge.  If S. can lose another 10lbs. then Chandalyn has to come and try a Bollywood dance class!  I am so going to be there with a video camera and I am going to be harassing S. about her weight until she loses that 10lbs!  Chandalyn is not happy about the dancing part but has gamely accepted the challenge  and that led me to thinking about whether it would work for me (not Bollywood, although unlike Chandalyn I have already tried it with S ) no, I mean the rewards.  So here is my personal weight loss reward chart…the 30lb one is scaring me already!

–          5lbs.  Mani/pedi.

–          10lbs. Massage

–          15lbs. A Trip to Fox Theater

–          20lbs. New Workout clothes

–          25lbs. A Day at a Spa

–          30lbs. A Brazilian (gulp!)

–          35lbs. Try rock climbing or archery or both…

–          40lbs. A gold charm of a bird, the Celtic symbol for freedom and transcendence.

Try it  – you may surprise yourself!



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2 responses to “Weight Loss Rewards

  1. Chandalyn Pulmano

    Love it. But I’m not sure the Brazilian falls in the reward category….. :)! Can’t wait to see you make it happen! And we’ll talk about the video camera……

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