I’m Weak and need Motivation

…or a butt kick.

I am sitting in a lecture room in Georgia State University waiting for my girls to finish a course in Greek Mythology.  The parent lecture has been cancelled.  So while they research their chosen goddess, make paintings of their names in Greek and have a generally awesome time, I sit and sit……facing bagels and cream cheese provided for the parents.  I guess it’s a can’t-feed-your-mind-so-we’ll-feed-your-bellies kind of philosophy.

I can’t leave – well I could, but would you leave 2 crazy elementary school goofballs alone in a downtown Atlanta university for 3 hours?  Thought not.

I need motivation so I am going blog hopping……

……aaaaaand we’re back….

This is what I found ,all awesome, all worth checking out.

I found positive affirmations from Olivia –

I am willing to change
I am loving and lovable and I find love everywhere
I am one with the power that created me and this power has given me the power to create my own circumstances
I listen with love to my bodies messages

I love and approve of myself
I love and approve of myself
I love and approve of myself…… true in your life….even if you don’t believe it. There is something very powerful about looking into your own eyes and telling yourself that you love you just as you are.   Give it a try, see if it works for you.to beMirror work is when you sit in front of a mirror or hold one up to your face and speak the positive affirmations that you want

This one is for the kids – make them watch it!  Thank you for this Skinny Hollie, we love you and we are with you every lb. of the way.

Finally and wonderfully I found this gem..


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One response to “I’m Weak and need Motivation

  1. Sangeeta


    You are such a kickbutt kind of lady, and I look up to you for motivation. Keep working out and motivating yourself. You are such a gem to have at class and I am thankful you are back in spite of your back. Also, I love Jamie Oliver’s show and it is one powerful show and a must watch.
    I missed you at class today. I want to see you on Thursday and that is that.


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