I NEED Quinoa – what’s up with that?

You know how it goes – when you can’t get quinoa off your mind and you absolutely have to have it – no?  I have waited all day to get my chops round some.  I made Quinoa and Black beans for supper, it was delicious and cured my craving, but I am not sure it was good for my gas problem.  In fact it was excellent for my gas problem, if I want to harness it – our gas bill would drop to nothing.  

The other recipe I tried today was Apricot Oatmeal Bars.  These were good too, but not what I was expecting.  They were cakier * than I thought they would be and not very apricot flavored.  This is because I didn’t put apricots in them…I used peaches instead, what? I had peaches, ok?   In fact I think they would be better with a small sprinkling of semi sweet chocolate chips.  According to the Flat Belly Diet semi sweet chocolate is a MUFA (a monounsaturated fat) which means they are good for you – not in a raw carrot sort of way, but in a lot better than  Cadbury’s crème egg sort of way.  Anyway as a snack they were at least filling.

I went to Boot Camp again today.  I feel like the old woman of the group, or the naughty kid who gets sent into the corner (where the elliptical machine is) when the rest of the class gets to do the advanced stuff, but hey, they wave to me as they jog past.   I felt sorry for them today, Chandalyn, our PT, had them doing sit ups while I worked my way through a series of squats and stretches – sloooowly…the rest of the class, of course, zipped through when it was their turn.  Can you tell how frustrating it is for me to slow down?  Chandalyn actually handed me an 8lb weight to use today – normally I hate going below 12 lbs. guys!!!  Not funny, but, but, but, I am trying to be patient, because my back needs me to be patient.   I have started to listen to you, my poor crumbling back and I’m trying, ok?

* I made up a word, sue me….



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3 responses to “I NEED Quinoa – what’s up with that?

  1. Chandalyn

    You are far from an old lady and I see a growing friendship developing between you and that eliptical machine :). Go slow…..make them suffer….they will thank you later!

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