Gas Leak Warning

I tried Taco soup for lunch today – it is yummy and apparently low in Weight Watchers points.  It is my neighbor’s recipe and comes with no nutritional details.  It does come with a lot of beans!!!

Supper was a South Beach Diet recipe – Portobello Caps with Goat Cheese.   I had mine with a large green salad, Andy had his with french bread and potato salad as well as the green salad.  I just know he is going to lose 10 lbs to my one pound every time…*sigh*.

The beans and extra fiber are sure cleaning out my system too!  There is only so much I can blame on the dog…

As you can tell I am not loyal to any particular diet system – I may get desperate and try some of the weird diets out there – please feel free to kick me if I do – this is about health as well as weight loss.

Finally, I am ecstatic to report that I was cleared to exercise today…as long as I don’t jar my back or lift heavy weights, I know I had a good work out as Andy has been complaining about my smelly sneaker feet. 

Both recipes are posted in recipes under categories on the right sidebar of this blog.


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